The Wombats

Mascot redesign & Tour visuals

Following the release of their latest album "Beatiful people will ruin your life", The Wombats wanted a fresh new design for their mascot and live visuals, and chose blinklinLAB to give it a go. I had the pleasure to help with the new wombat character design and some loop animations for the visuals, and all I have to say that these piggy rabbit-hamsters are tricky to picture!

My role: Character design / 2D/3D Animations


Wombat Face Rig

For the face rig in After Effects I tried Joysticks'n Sliders for the first time, and I loved it! Be sure to check it out if you need to rig stuff, not only characters. Super powerful plug-in!

Wombat bee loop

This is the wombat mascot bee version, if that makes any sense! Calm down, the song it was used in is called "Bee Sting", that's why... ;)

Wombat Ice Cream

And that's a melting ice cream version of the mascot. I don't ask questions I just do what I'm told... ;)


Produced for

Character Design
Toni Dominguez

2D & 3D Animation
Toni Dominguez