La cultura que no cesa

Premios Miguel Hernández

Animation for the first gala of the Miguel Hernández 2021 Cultural Awards, in Alicante.

The concept of the piece - "The culture that does not stop" - is an invitation to understand the life and work of Miguel Hernández, and how his cultural legacy has had, and still has, a great impact on subsequent generations of artists.

Grupoidex provided me with a wonderful script and voice-over to work with, and from there, the storyboard, design and final animation took an intense 10 days of production. An effort that was very worthwhile and that resulted in a piece of which I am very proud.

My Role:  Creative Direction, Art Direction, Storyboard and Animation.

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Grupo IDEX
Premios Miguel Hernández
Creative Direction: 
Toni Dominguez
Toni Dominguez
Art Direction: 
Toni Dominguez
Toni Dominguez