Farina Selecta KM.0

Ramon Cusiné Hill

Short animation about Selecta KM.0, a new brand of wheat flour produced by raw material supplier Ramon CusinĂ© Hill. Apart from remarking the technical qualities of the product, the client wanted to make a statement in favor locally produced flour, its positive impact on farmers and the environment, and how chosing proximity products makes us better and more responsible consumers. 

For this project I teamed up again with MIANK, who was in charge of the art direction and the storyboard. Apart from the animation, I wrote the script and came up with some of the visual ideas we ended up using for the piece.  

My Role:  Script, Storyboard and Animation.

Some Stills


Ramon Cusiné Hill
Toni Dominguez
MIANK & Toni Dominguez
Art Direction: 
Toni Dominguez